Here Are the Top 5 E-commerce Website Templates

As an entrepreneur looking to set up an online store, the first thing to consider is the eCommerce web template to use on your site.  In this century, having a brick and mortar business without a complementary online store makes your investment incomplete.  As such, incorporating an e-commerce perspective on your site can earn you an extra coin.

 Just like the way you cannot establish your business in an unappealing environment, so you need an appealing site to attract customers. However, e-commerce theme selection may be a mind boggling affair.  Fortunately, there are ready-made e-commerce website templates. Here are the top five:

1-  Journal

Journal is an e-commerce template found on the OpenCart platform. The template offers you more than 2000 editable options to help you customize your site. Also, it is adaptive in that it fits for both straightforward and complex online stores. The template offers you unlimited color selection. Hence you can choose and use different color combinations for your store customization.

 With Journal, you can categorize your product section into best sellers and special. The template enables you to incorporate a full-screen background, and you can also tweak it to include slideshows.

b)    Ella

Ella is an e-commerce website from Shopify's themes. The template offers you a chance to show the most popular products on large banners. This approach is essential in attracting your prospective customers' attention. Also, Ella enables you to integrate with Google Fonts which allows you to use web fonts making your site more appealing.

Furthermore, this template comes with an option for displaying various payment options. Hence, it helps to integrate your store with different payment process for your customers. As well, Ella helps you to boost conversion rates through products and recently viewed sliders and offers you an opportunity to link your store with your social media platforms.

c)    Porto

Porto is a Magento e-commerce platform theme. The template comes with 18 homepage layout variations. This feature allows you to display your products on different grid sizes and designs. You can integrate slideshows that are important in attracting your customers. And, you get over 300 customization options on your admin panel.

 With this, you can design and customize your site depending on your preference as well as to catch the attention of your target customers. Apart from these features, Porto e-commerce website template enables you to import data. Hence, you can quickly set up and run your site within a short duration.

d)    Ultimo

This is a premium e-commerce website theme from Magento. Ultimo comes with advanced customization options. With it, you can customize every aspect of your e-commerce site.  Besides, the theme is highly responsive and easy to use and customize. Also, in comparison with the rest, Ultimo has a leg up in that it helps you to optimize your store for the search engine. It comes with SEO optimization possibilities that are essential for search engine ranking. As well, it fits for all sizes of online stores.

e)    Fastest

Just as the name suggests, Fastest is a Magento e-commerce website theme launched on 2016 to enhance loading speed of online stores. The theme comes with eight unique e-commerce site demos with multiple layouts and product pages. As you know, testimonials and slideshows are a way of wooing potential customers. Fastest also recognizes this fact. The template offers you a chance to display promo banners and testimonials in slide form. You can share your page on social platforms.


In whole, when you think of setting up an online store selecting an e-commerce website platform is a must. As an entrant webpreneur, you can choose one of the above themes.